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Odoo • Image et Texte


Senior Tech Recruiter

I have done my master’s degree in International Business.
Experienced cross-functional HR Professional/Agile with diverse experience in fast-paced, structurally complex and highly demanding environments.
Demonstrated competencies in HR project management, talent acquisition & retention, labor and employee relations, employer branding and HR planning. 
Currently enjoying each tiny bit of moment spent in Novancy One, recruiting and sourcing teams surrounded by so caring and smart people.
As a technical recruiter,my role is to identify talented candidates to connect them with my professional and international clients, as well as hiring the right fit for each open position.
Specialized in IT Staffing, I take pride in helping candidates advance their careers.
What I like about Novancy One is that we have a family spirit, the collaborators are well chosen, there is an authenticity with a real mentor who helps us to surpass ourselves and increase our skills. 
As a human being, self-mockery, family or good food are way enough resources to make me more than happy.

"Fall  down seven times, stand up eight."

If you have any question, please contact me.

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