What programming language should i learn first ?

Hello Everyone and thanks for being interested in this article, if you didn't see my first ( How to start programming )I encourage you to do that, so let's jump into it.

Now! there are a lot of programming languages for you to choose from, you have Python, C language, C++, SQL, Javascript, C#, Java and the list goes on forever. It's important for you to understand: 

1- Why the language might exist? 

2- which language should you start off with first?

In our real-world Not the digital one, if a Moroccan person came to me and asked me which real-world language should I start learning today, probably I'm not going to recommend Chinese or Japanese, Simply because it's a little complicated than English, French, Spanish ... let's convert that to our computer programming, I would recommend you to start off with a simple programming language definitely DO NOT start off with the complicated one, because here's the fact, if you do not know the concept of the programming languages you not gonna be able to deal with these complicated ones.

Here are some programming languages you really don't want to start off with :

- C, C++, C# pretty much any language has C included, and the reason is their syntactical difficulty level is much much higher,  so you have to worry about each little tiny detail what you're saying to a computer will make no sense whatsoever, So you're not gonna be turned down because you're learning your first programming language, but you'll feel upset either because of the difficulty of its syntactical. 

So you wanna choose your first programming language that has a lower syntactic difficulty.

Now you have to understand the concept, in computer programming, you have a concept of looping over things, if it's one task you want to do over and over again, that's called a loop, well if you learned what a loop is in a certain programming language, you can very easily go to another language and apply the same loop, if you learned what an IF condition is in Javascript so you can easily express it in another language. 

f you want my recommendation guys, you Can Start with Python:

and Python, there's a reason why it's the top growing languages in the world, and if you look at most of the top universities in the world, they're actually making that python introduction language, and the reason why they're doing that is because how elegant and simple it is. 

Now don't get its simplicity confused with maybe it can't do more or it doesn't perform well, Remember Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram ... but those were all built off Python. sergey brin once said: "Python Where We Can, C where we must", which means we have the C programming language where we have to, and Python where we can.

So let's imagine that you learned Python and you start off with that language, you can always branch out and go to other languages, once you understand the conceptual difficulty, you can translate that to any other language.

let's say now you became professional at using Python and you want to chose another programming language, in reality you're working with more than 1 programming language at the same time, why would you wanna choose between different languages and work with one rather the other it's because of its benefits, Here's an example: if you wanna do a lot of stuff related to web development Front-end where nice graphics show and you click on something and things respond really fast then you'll really want to go with JavaScript, should you start with javascript? maybe but I really still suggest you go with Python first then transition over to Javascript.

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What programming language should i learn first ?
Imad Chorouk 5 juin, 2020
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