How to start programming

There are too many resources out there going over how to start programming, but they talk about everything that has to do with programming and software development. I just want to help you get started programming, and then we can worry about you becoming an actual programmer/software developer. But first, let’s start off with the basics.

First things first

Stop searching how to start programming or how to become a developer, you’re typing this into the search bar and you just trying to take this big problem and just solve it, stop doing that NOW, this is not how it works.

what software developers do is take the problem or the big project that they work on for a client and trying to break it up into smaller portions, more digestible, more solvable, and comprehensive problems. 

so what you wanna do is take your bigger problem and break it up into smaller portions, and that will help you to google stuff easily.

Second: Figure out what you want to build and Double down on that 

A lot of people start off programming because they want to build their application Idea they want to pursue it, they want to build it themselves, so if that is you, figure out how to build that particular application. 

Example: if you want to build an IOS Application then you absolutely want to learn Swift which is the language and Xcode which is the IDE. here you have the information so you want to start learning the basics of each, learn the syntax of swift and learn the interface and tools that are available within Xcode, and kind of how they merge together. 

lookup some tutorials online or check out our available training.  

and that is kind of how you start learning to code. 

You see how you started off with this big problem of how to start programming, you chipped away at it a little bit and you see (oh I want to build an IOS Application!!), and you searched deeper and you found Swift and Xcode are the tools I need for that, and you searched deeper and deeper and realized you need to learn the basics of both of these two tools, and once you learn the basics of that, chipping away even deeper and voila! you want to build a simple application.

Everyone starts off building in a « Hello World » application.

To recap:

  1. Figure out what you want to build 

  2. Figure out what tools you need in order to build that 

  3. Learn the basics of those tools 

  4. Build at least a couple of small applications with what you just learned. 

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Stick around and stay tuned. 

How to start programming
Imad Chorouk 22 mai, 2020
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