Best movies for programmers
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Looking at your profession from an outside perspective always feels great.that’s why the programmers love movies that are related to programming in some ways or playing games to cut their stress off when they are not working or coding, 

So, what are we waiting for, here are some of the best movies that you will definitely enjoy watching on computer programming, technology, and startup life.

Steve Jobs 2015
Steve Jobs This is a movie made on the life of Steve Jobs who is like an idol to all those programmers who aspire to be a successful entrepreneur someday. There is not much of coding scene, but the growth of Steve Jobs is so beautifully illustrated on the screen that programmers will fall in love with it. It shows how the programming industry work from inside and the screenplay and dialogue are out of the world. Along with this, you can watch the movie Jobs made in 2013

The social Network 2010
This is the most liked movies among programmers across the world .The Social Network is a compelling movie that tells the story of Harvard student and programming genius Mark Zuckerberg, who would go on to create Facebook, and change the world forever , this movie has soon a lot of details in coding from Mark which is very realistic and therefore, like a lot by programmers.


Source code 2011
The name itself gives programming vibes.
Jake Gyllenhaal is the leading actor in the movie.The plot shows a suicide bomber in a Chicago train.
The hero enters the body of another person using his programming capabilities.
The movie was critically acclaimed and Duncan Jones and Ben Ripley were praised for doing justice to such a complicated storyline.


Primer 2004
Primer shows the story of 2 hardware engineers that unintentionally made time travel a reality. This movie is a masterpiece for engineers more than programmers.
The movie only goes on to show how programming possibilities may one day make time travel a reality , it’s a cult movie for programmers and testers.


Ex Machina 2014
The movie revolves around artificial intelligence and how it can be used to make the world a better place to live.
The cinematography in this movie is truly amazing and deserves a round of applause.
The way developers create software is beautifully depicted in this movie.
It also warns us against the harmful effects of not using it correctly.


The Matrix 1999
Quite possibly the most famous science fiction movie of all time (except maybe Star Wars), The Matrix depicts a dystopian future involving a simulated reality created by sentient machines.
Neo, who is a computer programmer by day, and a hacker by night, ultimately discovers the truth about this simulated reality, and decides to wage war against the machines.


Antitrust 2001
Antitrust is a fictional thriller involving a computer programming genius named Milo Hoffman who graduates from Stanford, accepts a job from a man who loosely portrays Bill Gates, and discovers that nothing is as it seems.

As the film name suggests, Milo Hoffman becomes suspicious of the high-quality source code of the company’s flagship software product, and soon realises that trusting anyone could be a mistake.

Hackers 1995
Hackers is a 90’s crime film about teenage hackers who break into a major corporation’s computer network, discover evidence of an embezzlement scheme, and must save themselves before they’re captured by police.
This movie is fun, rebellious, has a great soundtrack, and even includes some realistic aspects of programming – which should make you feel very happy.


Sneakers 1992
Sneakers is one of the most beloved movies by programmers, because it’s a classic action thriller that involves lots of humor. The movie possibly even borders on being a comedy.
The premise of Sneakers is simple: A team of hackers have to steal a secretive black box. But, the team of hackers also have to deal with rogue NSA agents, a false murder accusation, and plenty of other dilemmas.
And best of all, Sneakers has some of the most realistic hacking sequences shown on big picture film.


Office Space 1999
Office Space is one of the most well-known comedies that depicts the fictional life of corporate programmer Peter Gibbons and his co-workers.
Gibbons hates his job at a software company, and resents dealing with excessive managerial oversight and the everyday minutia of a soulless corporate gig.
This film still pokes great fun at the subtle displeasure that many IT employees have dealt with in the past.

All these programming movies are fun to watch but at the same time are informative as well.
Have a good watching moment.


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